[ About Beta Glucan ]

What is beta glucan?

Beta-glucan is gaining a lot of attention in countries with good healthcare, such as the United States. By using it as an ingredient in health care products. Beta Glucan is a type of dietary fiber and polysaccharide. Some species are found in the cell walls of yeast and mycelial fungi. And some species are in mushrooms such as button mushrooms, Lingzhi mushrooms.

Beta Glucan from Black Yeast What is Aureobasidium?

Beta Glucan from Black Yeast It is a type of dietary fiber and polysaccharide. Beta-glucan is present in the cell walls of yeast and mycelium fungi as well as in mushrooms (lingzhi, button mushrooms, etc.). The black yeast beta-glucan described here is derived from the black yeast species Aureobasidium. (Latin name: Aureobasidium pullulans) If black yeast is cultured under special conditions produces a gel-like substance which is rich in quality beta-glucan culture solution Aureobasidium (black yeast) is listed as an official food additive (paragraph) in Notice No. 120 of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (removed the number 1) (currently the Ministry of Health. Labor and Welfare) *On April 16, 1996 (This announcement was published in The Government Gazette issued by the Ministry of Finance of Japan) reads as follows:

* Food additives derived from natural ingredients are listed in Notice No. 120, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan
. ‘Natural food additives’

What are immune-stimulating beta-glucans?

It is well known that Beta glucan is a type of dietary fiber and polysaccharide. good for stomach Beta-glucans are found in mushrooms such as lingzhi, button mushrooms, and some species are also found in Chinese herbs, seaweed, barley, yeast, etc. Beta-glucan is a healthy food supplement. Helps regulate and balance the immune system It is popular to conduct research in developed countries.

Types of beta glucans

Beta glucan helps promote good health. But the source and efficacy and benefits are different too.

Black Yeast

Black yeast is a type of microorganism that exists in nature. produce beta glucan outside its own cells during the fermentation process. At Aureo, black yeast is grown under specially controlled conditions. and our unique biotechnology only change the heat level Black yeast then produces beta-glucan. without going through a chemical process or any purification Black yeast is water soluble. and easily dissolved in water beta glucan in gel form Rich in minerals and vitamin C therefore safe and gentle to the body


Lingzhi mushroom (Sarnokoshikake), which is used as a Chinese herbal medicine. have virtual value "Sengoku of Immortality and Longevity" that does not cause any side effects This mushroom is very expensive. China and Japan have been used as raw medicine since ancient times. Recent research shows that The beta-glucan contained in the dietary fiber of Ganoderma lucidum enhances human immunity. and has been extracted for the treatment of cancer for more than 20 years. The three approved drugs are Krestin and Lentinan extracted from Shiitake mushrooms and “Schizophyllan” extracted from Schizophyllan communis. Contained in mushrooms, they are hard to eat and need to be extracted and purified first. In addition, beta-glucan extracted from mushrooms such as maitake and button mushrooms. It is a standardized healthy food. but difficult to dissolve in water and very expensive Which seems difficult if you have to eat continuously every day.

Bread Yeast

in Europe and the United States There has been a long tradition of eating bread as a staple food. and is commonly used as a health food supplement Beta-glucan from baker's yeast Must be extracted and purified before eating. Another characteristic of commercial baker's yeast is that it is a powder product. dry and insoluble in water (Incompatible with water) when taken in capsule form.


Barley contains a large amount of beta-glucan in the endosperm cell wall. Unlike white rice, beta-glucan is not easily damaged even when grinding. It is also a popular health food. Because it is rich in protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins.


Seaweed is rich in laminarin. which is a beta-1,3 glucan-linked polysaccharide and has skin moisturizing and fibrinolytic properties.

[ Aureobasidium Beta Glucan ]

Distinctive characteristics of beta-glucant
from black yeas strain Aureobasidium

เบต้ากลูแคนจากยีสต์ดำผลิตโดยใช้วิธีการเพาะเลี้ยงที่พัฒนาขึ้นโดยเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพเฉพาะ และไม่ผ่านกระบวนการทางเคมีการทำให้บริสุทธิ์ หรือการสกัดใดๆ มีเพียงกระบวนการเดียวที่ใช้ คือ การฆ่าเชื้อด้วยความร้อน ดังนั้นเบต้ากลูแคนจากยีสต์ดำจึงเป็นผลิตภัณฑ์เสริมอาหารจากธรรมชาติที่ไม่ผ่านกระบวนการแปรรูปและมีความปลอดภัยสูง

Natural farming methods ensures that the product is gentle on the body

In the early 50s of the Showa era, a gel-like substance was accidentally found in raw cane sugar during the production of soft drinks. Upon examination, it was found that it was a dietary fiber produced by black yeast and was a type of polysaccharide. After that, research on farming methods took place. And we succeeded in building "Aureobasidium black yeast culture" rich in beta-glucan 10 times more than button mushrooms was a new issue at the time. and beta-glucan from black yeast species Aureobasidium was born from then on The health food supplement product “Aureo Beta-Glucan from Black Yeast” was developed from the desire to make beta-glucan from Aureobasidium species black yeast. this wonderful It is widely known all over the world.

Gel Gentle on the body and easy to drink

When Aureobasidium black yeast It has been cultivated under special conditions using a unique biotechnology. The black yeast forms a gel-like substance, so Aureo Beta-Glucan is very watery with gel as its main ingredient. to the body Does not contain any preservatives or preservatives Both the elderly and children can drink with confidence. It also has high moisturizing properties. and is an excellent ingredient for making cosmetics

[ Aureobasidium Beta Glucan Structure ]

Structure of beta glucan
Aureobasidium species

Beta glucan is a type of polysaccharide which is composed of many glucose molecules linked together. smallest unit of sugar called monosaccharides or single sugar molecules Two monosaccharides are called disaccharides. and 10 or more monosaccharides linked together are called polysaccharides. Monosaccharides are glucose and fructose, disaccharides are sucrose (commonly known as ‘sugars’), and polysaccharides are glucans and dextrin.

Glucans are divided into two types based on the way they are linked: alpha-glucans and beta-glucans. The structure of beta glucan from black yeast is unique. It consists of a stem (main chain) with many branches (side chains). The stem structure is ‘1,3’ and the branch structure is ‘1,6’, so it is called beta-1,3-1,6 glucan.

[ development ]

Development of beta-glucan
Aureobasidium species

In the 1970s, a sugar refinery Accidentally found a small amount of gelling (semi-liquid) in the manufacturing process. And found that it is a polysaccharide produced from a type of black yeast.

Since then There have been many studies on black yeast and cultivation methods. Finally, a large amount of beta-glucan-containing gel, a solution from the cultivation of the black yeast strain Aureobasidium, was successfully produced. Aureobasidium this wonderful can be used by the general public Therefore, we developed Aureo beta glucan supplements.

Notice No. 120, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan

A culture solution of black yeast strain Aureobasidium. There is an official food additive status. In Announcement No. 120, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan (Currently Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) on April 16, 1996 (this announcement was published in The Government Gazette issued by the Ministry of Finance of Japan) reads as follows:

* 1. Food additives derived from natural ingredients are listed in Notice No. 120, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. The additives are officially classified as ‘Natural food additives’

Note: Notice No. 120, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. Verify the safety of the product as a food, but does not state that the product is a health food specified. (i.e. not reviewed for performance)

Information about Aureobasidium Black Yeast Cultivation Solution

Food additive nameCulture solution Aureobasidium (main ingredient: beta-1,3 / 1,6 glucan)
English nameAureobasidium Beta Glucan
Origin, method of production and natureObtained from black yeast culture solution. (Aureobasidium pullulans), the main component is beta 1,3-1,6 glucan
Usage (operation)The substance has a stable consistency
Product layoutThis product is a viscous liquid. and obtained from the culture solution Sterilized Aureobasidium pullulans (black yeast) The main component is a polysaccharide called beta 1,3-1,6 glucan consisting of a main chain (beta-1,3) and a side chain (beta-1,6). Functional groups are present in mushrooms. and mushroom extract It has gained attention in recent years. This product is produced by microbial culture, which is an efficient way to produce polysaccharides.
Descriptionyellow liquid
Properties and characteristicsViscous, heat resistant, acid resistant and salt resistant. Slightly acidic and aromatic. It is used as a thickener and is expected to be used as a masking agent or health effect.
SolubilityEasily soluble in water. insoluble in ethanol and fat
CautionRefrigerate after opening
StorageStore in a cool, dark, or refrigerated place
Main dishes that may use this productDrinking water, sauces, bread, Japanese and western confectionary, bean paste, frozen desserts. Processed meat and fish, noodles, vegetable dips, jams, pastries, rice cakes or puffed rice. soft candy thin food condiments, etc.
Comments* This table is an extract from the Explanatory Notes for Products on the Natural Food Additives List published in 1999 by the Japan Food Additives Association (former affiliated organization of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. [Current Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare] ) This document Describes the characteristics, properties, uses and other information related to 489 food additives derived from natural ingredients. and authorized for use by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare